Biological Dentistry is a more conscientious approach to care for people. It is the acknowledgement that things in dentistry are not as safe as we are led to believe and treating our patients and staff in the healthiest way possible. We provide mercury free dental care in a safe non-toxic environment. I feel that every patient is unique. Each person has different needs, sensitivities, and expectations.  As a biological dentist, I take this into consideration and custom tailor my treatment plans to the individual. Thus, I can provide safer dentistry that has a positive impact on the health of my patients. Basically, I remove anything that is potentially harmful and replace with something that is more agreeable with the biochemistry of the patients for which I care.

Some of the things that I do along those lines include:

  •   Safe removal of mercury amalgam using SMART technique
  •   Supplemental/nutritional guidance to support mercury amalgam removal
  •   Biocompatibility testing for better material selection
  •   Non-metal crowns, partials, and fillings