4 Ways to Motivate Your Kid to Floss

If you are having troubles motivating your child to floss and take care of their smile, we are here to help you! There are a few things you can try that might work, and those things are:

Show them the way
If you make flossing a family activity, your child will watch you floss and will want to be like you. Set an example and properly floss at least once a day—and have fun doing it! You can also teach your child how to floss by first flossing your own smile. Then, use a different piece of floss and floss between a few of your child’s teeth. Finally, let them try to floss themselves. Make sure they are gentle around the gums as they do so.

Praise good behavior
If your child flosses, praise them and make sure they feel accomplished! You can also reward them if you would like. You can create a star chart for them or you can even reward them with treats if they floss every day for a week. No matter what you decide to do, just make sure your child knows you are proud of them each time they floss.

Buy kid-friendly flossing products
Your child might enjoy flossing more if they use a product that has their favorite superhero or cartoon character on it. So, take them to the store with you and let them pick a flossing product of their choice. That way they will be more excited about flossing.

Tell them about the Tooth Fairy
The Tooth Fairy can be very motivating. If you tell your child that the Tooth Fairy will bring a bigger reward if they turn in strong, healthy teeth, they will be motivated to keep up on oral hygiene each day.

If you need additional tips or if you would like Dr. Elizabeth Miller to explain the importance of flossing, please call Smiles Dental today at 503.342.8500 and schedule an appointment. We will be happy to meet with you and your child and explain why flossing is vital. We look forward to helping you!